Principali destinazioni
Per ordini effettuati entro le 14:00 ora italiana è prevista la consegna in giornata. La prima data di consegna disponibile è: 26/03/2019.
Forest Tales
Snow White Arrangement
Bouquet Agnes
Bouquet of red roses Evita
Bouquet of Red Roses Classics
Bouquet Elegy
Bunch of Orange Roses Bliss (without vase)
Bunch of Pink Roses Rosy Reveries (without vase)
Devout Wish
Bouquet of roses Allure (without vase)
Sweet Happiness Basket
Bunch of 21 Pink Roses
Bunch of 21 Red Roses
Bunch of 21 Yellow Roses Gold
Tender Mood
Bouquet Her Smile
Red Velvet
Flower Waltz
Bunch of Pink Roses
Bunch of White Roses
Bouquet Summer Suite
Bouquet Forest Fairy
Bouquet My Fair Lady
Basket Arrangement Rendezvous
Arrangement Garden of Eden
Palma funebre
Bouquet Charm
Bouquet Orange Mood
Bouquet Vanilla e Mint
Bouquet Lovely Day
Composizione di fiori recisi
Bouquet Tender Look
Bouquet Blue-Eyed Girl
Bouquet of tulips “Warmest wishes” (without vase)
11 Short Stem Roses
12 Medium Stem Roses
12 Short Stem Roses
7 Long Stem Roses
7 Medium Stem Roses
7 Short Stem Roses
Single Plant
Mixed cut flowers
Generic product code
11 Roses Long Stem
11 Roses Medium Stem
12 Roses Long Stem
Arrangement of cut flowers
Arrangement of Plants
Funeral spray arrangement
Funeral Sympathy Bouquet