Principali destinazioni
Per ordini effettuati entro le 16:00 ora italiana è prevista la consegna in giornata. La prima data di consegna disponibile è: 01/03/2021.
C13-5036 The FTD Pink Dream Bouquet
C23-4454 The FTD Peace e Serenity Dishgarden
FTD Gentle Blossoms Basket
C27-4527 The FTD Loving Light Dishgarden
Garden's Paradise Basket
FTD Perfect Sun Bouquet
FTD Daylight Bouquet
FTD Happy Times Bouquet
D4-5199 The FTD All For You Bouquet
Boys Are Best! - Basket Included
The FTD Girls Are Great! Bouquet D7-4904
D7-4906 The Girl Power Bouquet by FTD - VASE INCLUDED
E2-4305 The Long Stem Red Rose Bouquet by FTD - VASE INCLUDED
E4-4822 The Simply Enchanting Rose Bouquet by FTD - VASE INCLUDED
E8-4304 The Long Stem Pink Rose Bouquet by FTD - VASE INCLUDED
Dearly Departed Casket Spray
C6-5242 FTD Bright e Beautiful Bouquet
Garden Paradise Basket
Floral Cross Easel
Love Struck
Blooming Masterpiece
S8-4451 The FTD Resurrection Casket Spray
White Orchid Planter
The FTD Soul’s Splendor Arrangement S15-4470
S31-4509 The FTD Loving Sympathy Basket
B19-4387 The FTD® True Romance™ Rose Bouquet
Spirited Grace Lily
Blooming Bounty Bouquet - Basket included
C17-5187 The FTD® Shades of Purple™ Bouquet
C22-4888 A Bit of Sunshine™ Basket by FTD®
C22-5181 The FTD® Blooming Embrace™ Bouquet
C3-5153 The FTD® Nature's Bounty™ Bouquet
D2-5189 The FTD® Birthday Cheer™ Bouquet
D5-5202 The FTD® Bright Days Ahead™ Bouquet
D9-4910 FTD® Sunshine Daydream™ Bouquet
E2-5240 The FTD® Lush Life™ Rose Bouquet
E6-4821 The Pure Enchantment™ Rose Bouquet by FTD® - VASE INCLUDED
E8-4812 The White Rose Bouquet by FTD® - VASE INCLUDED
E8-5235 The FTD® Blazing Beauty™ Rose Bouquet
E9-4817 The Sundance™ Rose Bouquet by FTD® - VASE INCLUDED
S16-4471 The FTD® Sincerity™ Casket Spray
S22-4485 The FTD® Beautiful Spirit™ Arrangement
S2-4437 The FTD® Blanket of Flowers™
S3-4442 The FTD® Treasured Tribute™ Wreath
S37-4522 The FTD® Blessings of the Earth™ Easel
S38-4217 The FTD® Ring of Friendship™ Wreath
S4-4443 The FTD® Light in Your Honor™ Bouquet
S5-4446 The FTD® Peaceful Memories™ Casket Spray
The FTD Sunny Surprise Bouquet C5-5156
The FTD Island Breeze Arrangement C24-5190
The FTD Bright Spark Rose Bouquet E4-4809
Send Sunlight Lily Bouquet
Rays Of Solace
Planted Bowl
Forever Dear
FTD Fuchsia Phalaenopsis Orchid
Arrangement of Plants
Single Flower
Wreath with ribbon
Funeral Sympathy Bouquet with ribbon
Funeral spray arrangement
Funeral spray arrangement with ribbon
Funeral Sympathy Bouquet
12 roses long stemmed
12 roses medium stemmed
12 roses short stemmed
Arrangement of cut flowers
Basket arrangement of flowers
Bouquet of seasonal cut flowers
Handtied Bouquet
Mixed cut flowers