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With warm thoughts
Miracle of life + Teddy bear
Colourful surprise in a glass vase
A Dream of Roses
Lights up the moments
Delicate feelings
My condolences
Dry your tears
Rainbow + Chocolate box 100g
Pink happiness
Full of happiness, pink
Full of happiness, green-white
Pink Lady
Rainbow + Champagne truffles
Florist's choice autumn bouquet
Head wreath Autumn
Sweet memories -funeral bouquet
Airy sweetness
Luck and delight
Hug for happiness, red + Champagne truffles
Hug for happiness, pink + Champagne truffles
Missing you
Memory lane
Autumn vibes
Autumn colors
Wonderwoman + Champagne truffles
Green verdancy
White chant
Gentle moments
Let's party
A festive moment
From me to you
Baby paws
Comforting shoulder
Decorated chocolate heart
Decorated champagne truffles
Full of happiness, lilac-white
Sunglow + Champagne truffles
Sunglow + Chocolate heart
24 red roses
10 red roses
7 red roses
5 red roses
3 red roses
30 red roses
A Dream of roses + Chocolate heart
A Dream of Roses + Champagne truffles
Autumn warmth
Autumn warmth + Champagne truffles
Christmas shades
Christmas joy
Heartfelt Christmas to you
Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer
Christmas forest
Christmas gnome
Holy night
Silent night
Glowing Christmas
Christmas tree star
Christmas treasure
Harmonic Christmas
The Queen of Christmas
Florist's choice winter bouquet
Funeral wreath with ribbon
Christmas table wreath
Winter door wreath
Funeral wreath
Miracle of life
The sweetness of weekdays
Unforgettable -funeral arrangement
Modern funeral spray of white lilies
Hug for happiness, red
Hug for happiness, pink
Hug for happiness, red + Chocolate box 100g
Hug for happiness, pink + Chocolate heart
Hug for happiness, red + Chocolate heart
Hug for happiness, pink + Teddy bear
The sky is blue and white -funeral arrangement
Precious memories -funeral arrangement
Elegant funeral bouquet
To your bright memory -funeral bouquet
A last goodbye
Gentle love -funeral bouquet
You are in my thoughts
Girl next door
Hug for happiness, red + Teddy bear
Hug for happiness, pink + Chocolate box 100g
Magic mirrow
A moment of happiness
The magic of dancing
Bouquet of seasonal cut flowers
Single Flower
Single Rose
Golden wishes
12 long stemmed roses
12 medium stemmed roses
12 short stemmed roses
Arrangement of cut flowers
Arrangement of Plants
Funeral spray arrangement
Funeral spray arrangement with ribbon
Funeral Sympathy Bouquet
Funeral Sympathy Bouquet with ribbon
Mixed cut flowers
Single Plant
Wreath with ribbon