Principali destinazioni
Per ordini effettuati entro le 12:00 ora italiana è prevista la consegna in giornata. La prima data di consegna disponibile è: 22/01/2019.
Round MCF only mixed WHITE FLOWERS roses gerberas etc
PINK Azalea in ceramic pot (preferred grey dark colour)
Zamioculcas in ceramic pot – if substituted pls as similar as poss
Wedding MCF - only WHITE flowers (lilies, roses, gerberas etc).
Mixed seas Winter Bouquet in White only with matching filler
ROMANTIC MCF - only in strong red and white shades - roses lilies gerberas etc...
Round hand tied mixed bouquet (roses carnations) Pink Purple colors only with matching filler
Round bouq only yellow and orange, such as gerbera roses + other matching flowers with green
Mixed seasonal very colourful MCF with roses, lilies, gerberas etc
Mixed Bouquet only pink shades with some pastel roses and filler
Sansevieria in ceramic pot if substituted pls as similar as poss
Compact round romantic Bouquet of mixed roses (at least four different) colours with matching filler
Pink shades only with Roses and Orchids and Green Filler
Mixed seasonal Bouquet in yellow orange purple blue pink colours - up to availability
Mixed seasonal MCF only in ORANGE and YELLOW with lilies etc
Round MCF only orange yellow creme - with roses gerberas lilies etc.
Seas round bouquet of cut flowers such as pink e white gerbera, light pink roses other white flowe
Round MCF of seasonal flowers in yellow red shades only (roses, lilies, gerberas, alstromeria etc..)
Bouquet mixed cut flowers Winter Style
Bouquet mixed cut flowers Wedding Style
Bouquet mixed cut flowers Valentine's Day Style - must contain roses
Bouquet for funeral sympathy occasion
Bouquet mixed cut flowers for Birthday occasion
Seasonal Bouquet New Born Baby Girl
Bouquet mixed cut flowers for New Born Baby Boy
Mixed seas MCF in various pink, white and violet shades (white lilies)
Mixed round seas bouquet in yellow white colours (roses gerberas lilies etc..)
Round mixed seas Bouquet in Pink, White and Red (gerberas roses) with matching filler
Mixed Bouq with pink roses and dark red other blossoms and green filler
Wedding MCF – roses lilies gerberas…only pastel colors in pink white orange
Elegant mix bouq in pink shades with pink roses + some orchid blossoms + filler
Dracaena Marginata in ceramic pot – or as similar as possible
Floral pillow ACF for funeral in ONLY red (roses gerberas daises etc..)
Basket Arrangement of only Cyclamen in pink purple white
Round bouquet of seasonal flowers in RED shades (roses, gerberas, lilies etc..)
AP of red Bromelias Vriesea in green (if poss) ceramic pot
Round mixed MCF for wedding - all in WHITE: roses, lilies, gerberas + other white flowers only
Mixed bouquet of PINK roses lilies gerberas + other RED seas flowers, all in Pink red only
Anthurium in RED - if substituted pls as similar as possible
Round bouquet of 12 mixed coloured Roses (at least 4 different colours) with some green filler
Round bouquet of 12 red Roses with some green filler
Wreath with Ribbon
Single Plant
Mixed Cut Flowers
Funeral Sympathy Bouquet
Funeral Sympathy Bouquet with Ribbon
Funeral Spray Arrangement
Funeral Spray Arrangement with Ribbon
Bouquet of Seasonal Cut Flowers
Arrangement of Plants
Arrangement of Cut Flowers
12 Short Stem Roses
12 Medium Stem Roses
12 Long Stem Roses
Generic Product Code