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Bonsai Zelkova

Zelkova nire - Olmo

The bonsai Zelkova, also called Olmo, is certainly one of the most resistant and adaptable to any kind of climate.To keep it healthy and compact, it is good to live in the sun, protecting it from direct sunlight only in warmer months. In winter, when repaired inside it should be less than 1 meter away from a very bright window.When placed outside in the sun, abundant watering is required; in the winter when it is placed inside, water abundantly only when the surface of the substrate is dry to the touch.Bonsai is 16 years old, with a height of about 41cm and the vessel has the following dimensions: 23x14,5x7cm.Delivery will be entrusted to the courier used by Interflora.
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Interflora floral works shown in this catalog are made by Interflora florists using quality flowers and plants. In some cases the delivered product may differ slightly from the photo in shapes and colors as each Interflora florist is characterized by its own creative sensibility, experience and uses a seasonal product subject to natural changes. Consequently the photos are only illustrative. If the secondary flowers are not available, they could be replaced keeping the shade of colour. In the event that the main flower is not available, the replacement will take place with the customer's authorization.

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