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All about Flowers

A love to conquer? A birthday, an anniversary to celebrate? It's Christmas, Easter or Mother's Day?
How many opportunities to present a bouquet of flowers ... but what flowers to give? And what color? A bouquet or a green plant?
The habit to comunicate messages and feelings with flowers of a single species or variously combinatinated, according to the colors and the numbers andconsidering some schemes, was born probably in the nineteenth century. For example, to make an appointment it was enough to give to the loved one the same number of flowers of the hours at which you wish the meeting, while, to express what you think, it could give a composition of several varieties.
Nowadays, likes the idea of communicating with flowers when you want to say something special to someone that we care or in the  traditional occasions and, although each flower is a welcome gift, you can follow some little advice dictated by etiquette.
In this section we want to give a few advice by make a good impression and hit the mark on every occasion!

Birthday and name-day

On these occasions, flowers and plants are gifts always appreciated, regardless of the species and color.
For a surprise you can match the original bouquet also with a small gift, as a present for his birthday.
They are appreciated all types of bouquet in different colors; for a special thought you can choose a bouquet with the favourite flower of birthday girl/boy or a bouquet which has her/his favorite colour as predominant.

To your loved one

Giving flowers to the woman that you love is very ancient custom, but always very welcome. In this case the choice will be less difficult: any bouquet is definitely an appreciated gesture, but should not miss a note that accompanies it, even if anonymous ... And then, to be sure, giving red roses is always a symbol of love and passion that goes straight to the heart!


To make engagement a special moment you can certainly revive the custom of giving flowers to the lover. In this case there are no strict rules, it’s enough to choose flowers with soft and delicate colors: pink or white roses, myosotis, pink peonies, violets or lilacs. It is also welcome give to  the future mother-in-law a floral tribute, as a gesture of affection.


The flowers are the only "jewelry" permitted by Etiquette in wedding day.
However it’s a good rule not to send flowers in the same day of the wedding because the bride and groom would not have the time to fix and appreciate them. It is therefore welcome gift a floral tribute on the day before the ceremony or on return of the couple at home. In the first case you can choose showy and important flowers with a light color, white or pink, to beautify the house for the big day or an elegant plant; in the second case it will begood any composition of fresh flowers or a plant, to wish an happy future together.
For the wedding day is crucial the bride's bouquet. Famous is its symbolic significance:  at the end of the ceremony, in fact,  it will be launched between the unmarried invited and who will receive it, according to tradition, will be married within the year. The etiquette would like it to be purchased and delivered to the bride by the groom on the morning of the wedding. Among the choicest flowers are orange blossom, symbol of fertility and increasingly popular among the bouquet. Frequently is possible to replace them with a few drops of their essence between the bride's hair.
Among the choicest flowers there are also jasmine, white roses, violets, lilies, calla lilies.
For the participants in the wedding, etiquette prescribes, in formal weddings, the white carnation or gardenia on tight jacket or dark dress of the father who accompanies his daughter to the altar, as well as highlight of the groom, of the witnesses and of the relatives of the couple.

Silver and gold wedding

All species of flowers in different colors is suitable in these circumstances; the important thing is that the deck is packed with a silver ribbon, in the case of silver wedding, and with a golden ribbon, in the case of gold wedding, to remember with joy an important anniversary.


For all anniversaries, including that of marriage, the most appropriate flower is certainly the rose, no matter what genre, type or color.


On the birth of a child is a gesture pleased to send flowers to his mother, to celebrate with her this moment of joy. For the bouquet you should choose flowers that do not have a strong and intense fragrance and with  delicate colors, like roses or tulips. For an original idea, you can also match the bouquet with a small gift for the baby, such as a soft toy or a frame to remember his first days of life.
It's also a nice gift to allow the mother and the babies to  find a nice bouquet of flowers on their return at home, to remember the happiness of that day.


To thank for the invitation received you can send flowers to the parents of the child. Tradition requieres withe flowers, although today it is a welcome tribute to celebrate with a bunch pink for girls or blue for boys.

Communion and Confirmation

When to celebrate communion or confirmation is a 8-12 years old child, the ideal is to give a floral tribute accompanied by a gift dedicated to him / her; you can also send flowers to the mother of  the celebrated. However flowers should be necessarily white: you can choose among lilies, lilium, calla or roses.


On the occasion of the graduation is a real obligation to give flowers to  graduate. For this important event are indicated lavish and cheerful flowers, possibly mixed with some laurel branch. Now in great demand are the laurel wreaths, but also red flowers or of flower with the color that characterizes the faculty in which is the graduation.
 And you should not forget a note for the "Doctor"!

At the leaving

To make a leaving less difficult or for a wish for an important trip, etiquette suggests to send a small floral tribute with soft and delicate colors accompanied by a gift  that is easy bring in suitcase as a traveling companion.

Back home

Everyone will be happy to find a room brightened by flowers, whatever they may be, to return home after a short or long trip. It’s relished accompany the flowers with a note to welcome who return with sweet words.


It is a duty to thank who have offered hospitality by sending flowers or a plant, immediately after the leave. In this way you avoid the landlady of having to lavish on embarrassing thanks.

Received favor

When you receive a favor, the flowers are an obliged tribute. It is indeed a welcome gesture and much appreciated to give a nice bunch of flowers, a plant or a gift accompanied by a floral tribute as a sign of gratitude and thanksgiving.


It is not a must appear at lunch time with a bunch of flowers in the hand, as often happens. You can however send flowers before lunch, so that they can be a decoration for the center of the table and to confirm  your presence. If you do not have the time to do this, you can remedy by sending the flowers the day after lunch, with a note of thanks. About colors and species, it depends only on the taste of  who invited us, as well as on the environment and on the furniture of the recipient.


In many places it is traditional for those who arriving in the new home receive a flowering plant in the hope of "lucky days".

Happy healing

When a loved one is sick, cheerful and colorful flowers are always welcome, provided they are free of perfume. If the sick person is in the hospital you will have to choose a bunch compact, while if she is at home you can indulge in a large bouquet or a flowering plant. When released from the hospital, it is a gesture of affection to get some flowers just come home.

For a man

Give flowers to a man is not so unusual. Men also love to receive flowers and be surprised with a gift.
For a man you should choose flowers not too brittle, with bright colors (red, yellow, orange) and with a corolla with decided drawing (tulips, anthurium, sterlizie). Roses are always appreciated, even if most of bright color.
You can also choose a plant, which is always a very welcome gift, perfect to decorate offices and homes.


The loss of a loved one is a painful and sad event. To express own condolences it’s a welcome gesture to give to the family of the deceased, at the time of the sad news, a floral tribute accompanied by a note to prove closeness in a time of grief.
In the day of the funeral is a relished thought a pillow or a wreath before beginning the celebration.

Valentine’s Day

For Valentine's Day flowers are a must! It is a tradition to give flowers  to the beloved : the ideal are red rose, classic but timeless and always esteemed, symbol of love and passion for excellence. And for women, a touch of originality: an unexpected gift for your man... let him surprise and give him a small floral bouquet, you will make him happy!

Women's Day

In the 8 of March the mimosa has become a very consolidated tradition. For this reason we can not miss the thought of a sprig of mimosa to all women in our lives. Even among friends and colleagues it is always a nice gesture and appreciated. And for those who prefer don’t celebrate the International Women's Day, you can choose to donate a small floral bouquet with a touch of yellow: she be happy to receive a gift "only for her" dedicated.


All the spring flowers are suitable for the realization of a bouquet to give on this occasion: daffodils, hyacinths, tulips, ranunculus and peach blossoms; the choice is very wide, the rest is left to personal taste. To make the thoughtoriginal, you can match the floral tribute with chocolate eggs, as homage to the tradition.

Father's Day

For Father's Day every bouquet with strong colors and experience is a welcome gift. The etiquette is also recommended to choose a plant, that is appreciated gift and ideal to be arranged with joy in his office or studio.

Mother's Day

Every bouquet is suitable for this occasion, but, using in May, should not fail some roses. You should choose  soft colors, for example ideals are the flowers in all shades of pink.

Grandparents’s day

The Grandparents’s day entered  since a short time to be part of the traditional festivities dedicated to the family and that is  the reason why the flowers are a must. Any bouquet is suitable for this occasion and also the choice of colors is at your own taste. Even a plant is a welcome tribute: a small gift that Grandparent’s will please to take care.


Traditionally it is considered good omen red colour, but the compositions suitable to accompany a Christmas present are various: holly, golden ears, branches with berries, holly and poinsettias. The choice of these species is not a must: a nice green plant or a bouquet of fresh flowers, provided long-life, will also always highly appreciated.

New Year

For the New Year it is ideal to give compositions or bouquet with mistletoe. The mistletoe is indeed a lucky charm and it is customary for New Year to kiss under its branches to wish to themselves a new year full of success.

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