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Advice for the care

Flowers and plants belong to a world full of charm and full of curiosity that never stops to amaze. In addition to their beauty, their colors and their perfumes, each flower has a special feature that makes it the guardian of unexpected virtues that someone does not know fully. In this section we want to reveal a secret to maintain the beauty of flowers, traditions and surprises related to the floral world.

Mixed bouquets and roses

To ensure that the recipient will enjoy the gift for as long as possible, some simple steps can be helpful. For example, if the bouquet is wrapped in paper before putting it in the pot you have to free it from the casing, remove the lower leaves and shorten the stem with a diagonal cut to allow the flower to drink better. It should not, however, fill the jar to the top, because the submerged part is likely to wither more easily. To avoid the formation and proliferation of bacteria, the water must always be kept clean, adding a few drops of bleach and renewing it often. Finally, another important tip is to keep our flowers away from heat too strong, avoid sudden temperature changes and place them next to the fruit, because it speeds up the maturation shorten the life of the flowers.


Care of Plants

Most plants like light and a balanced temperature; there would have to be avoided then current, smoke and cold. Plants with leaves require little water in winter while plants with flowers generally need more water. Each plant has its own specific needs and for all it should be given the right amount of fertilizer. The Interflora’s florists will be happy to provide the necessary instructions to any application you wish to submit (eg. Azaleas and Hydrangeas need watering daily and plants St. Paulia and cyclamen should be watered from the bottom and not from the top).
Generally keep the plants exposed to medium light: natural light is good, but some plants can live well exposed to fluorescent light office. Almost all flowering potted plants should be placed in well-lighted areas, to maintain the color of the flowers and to ensure that they open all. The plants will with leaf lush if the light will not be too intense and they must be placed in positions with low light. Plants should always be kept moist and you should not allow them to dry out or wilt, but avoid watering them too much or create standing water. It must also avoid wetting the leaves and the excess of heat or cold, in order to ensure maximum performance and maximum durability.
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