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Flower's language

The flowers always accompany emotion: receive and donate them is a simple gesture but rich in meanings that are transmitted through their beauty.
Each flower has its own deep meaning, made of colors, scents, shapes and feelings, which enrich the symbolic value of an important moment or of a special gift, of love, of friendship,of  gratitude and of affection.
Interflora in these pages wants to give some suggestions to get to know the meanings of flowers and their colors and the right precautions to be able to communicate  emotions in eachoccasion in the best way.

Names and meanings of flowers

Each flower contains thousands of meanings ...
Once the flowers were messengers of love, hope, desire, farewell, forgiveness, communicating emotions and thoughts in a quiet and secret but effective way.
The current life allows us to communicate more easily with people dear to us, and because of this, we often seek in the small things a particulary that can impress and emove, as may be the right flower in a special occasion.
Interflora has proposed in this section some advices to understand the language of flowers, through the thought of the writer Charlotte de Latour, who in 1819 published his bestselling book "The Language of Flowers", and of  the influences of popular culture that accompanied the meaning of each flower.

The meaning of the colors

Colors are very important in our lives because they express our mood, our emotions and the messages we want to convey.
Since the Egyptian was given to some colors symbolic meaning. Even in ancient Greece was given a lot of importance to the symbolic value of colors and so well in China, in India, in the Islam and in early Christian, because messages and sensations were entrusted them.
To give the perfect bouquet for someone dear to us then it must take into account the right color for what we want to communicate, or even his favorite color, choosing a flower that is mindful of the tone.


Orange is the result of mixing the colors red and yellow. Its emotional content is the desire. It is the perception of emotions from a physical point of view (exploration of the world through the senses - feel and experience pleasure). It is related to physical energy and mental activity, creativity. The choice of orange indicates the need for research of intense experiences, in every respect, from which to draw and experiment  new pleasant feelings and knowledge. It symbolizes happiness and joy, the satisfaction for a success already achieved.
Interflora recommends:
Bouquet of orange sterlizie for an opportunity to celebrate in joy.


White light contains all seven colors of the rainbow. It is the color of purity, cleanliness, innocence, birth, precision. In early Christian art were painted in white robes of the saints, of the pure in heart, of the children. The white gives a lot of energy, is revitalizing and frees the mind; may have a different meaning depending on whether it is in the form of white light, the "opening", or in the form of white shadow, the ingenuity, but also pent-up aggression. It is color used as much in the ceremonies, especially baptism and communion.
Interflora recommends:
 For a welcome gift in a ceremony, white orchids, symbol of purity and beauty.


It is the color of the sea and the sky and symbolizes the calm and tranquility. It is the color of contemplation, harmony of mind and intensity of feelings. Watching this color for a long time produced a peaceful effect, satisfaction and harmony.
Interflora recommends:
 A bouquet of blue roses for an intense and deep love.


Symbol of the sun, gold and wisdom, belongs to the sphere of expansion, idealism and action. See the radiance that awakens and gives warmth. Fostering a feeling of expansion and pushing the movement, yellow corresponds to a condition of freedom and self-development. Yellow, in fact, is the color of enlightenment and redemption.
Interflora recommends:
 A bouquet of sunflowers to remember the warm heat of the sun and a hug.


Pink is the color of emotions and affections. The sensitivity, gentleness and warmth and expresses feelings of love and kindness. It acts in a strong nervous system by relaxing and improving sight. Those who choose this color presumably reject all that is arrogant and disharmonious.
Interflora recommends:
Bouquet of pink roses to express friendship and affection.


Red is the color of passion and love, the dynamism and vitality, sensuality, authority and pride. It is the first color of the rainbow that babies learn to recognize, the first to which all people have given a name. It is the color of movement and activity, and expresses the desire in all its forms: the need to get to the results, the success, the will power and all forms of vitality and strength.
In Christian symbolism, in the religious and sacred celebrations represents the passion of Christ, the Pentecost, faith, love, power, dignity, boldness and color of cruelty and martyrdom.
Interflora recommends:
Bouquet of long-stemmed red roses, to a passionate love and a message that goes straight to the heart.


Violet is a set of red and blue and, although it is a color in itself, maintains some properties of the other two. Violet tries to unify the impulsive conquest of red and sweet submission of the blue and represents therefore the identification. This identification is a kind of mystical union, a great depth of feeling that points to a total fusion between subject and object, which means that everything that the subject thinks and desires may become a reality. In a way it's the spell, the realized dream, a magical state in which wishes are fulfilled.
Interflora recommends:
An exciting orchid Vanda to express the intensity of a dream realized.